Mount Carmel Arabic Immersion The Program

منهج التعليم

The Program

Come to Mount Carmel to study Arabic while enjoying family hospitality in beautiful and serene surroundings. Mount Carmel Arabic Immersion runs Arabic language study sessions along the following:

Study tracks
20 hours per week of lessons are given in a classroom setting, with the option of adding private lessons.
The classes are held in the summer and winter >> Please read more

Mount Carmel Arabic Immersion uses high-quality academic textbooks and study aids for both spoken and written Arabic.
>> Please read more

Sample weekly programs
To give you an idea of what your weekly schedule at Mount Carmel Arabic Immersion will look like, below are samples based on the program for each track >> Please read more

Application process and forms
The application process to Mount Carmel Arabic Immersion is simple, straightforward and handled through direct contact between you and our staff. >> Please read more

Payment Schedule
Participants must pay the full amount of the course fee at least two weeks prior to arrival. Please contact us to discuss any exceptions regarding this deadline. >> Please read more

Please arrange your own travel and medical insurance, and ensure that it is valid in Israel. >> Please read more