Mount Carmel Arabic Immersion The Program

منهج التعليم

Application Process and forms

The application process to Mount Carmel Arabic Immersion is simple, straightforward and handled through direct contact between you and our staff. First please read our Application Form carefully and be sure to contact us with any questions, special requests, or to inform us of any fact that is required prior to sending the application.

One-on-One track
Additionally, if you are interested in the One-on-One track, you must first confirm with us the dates that you would like to participate before submitting your application.

After you send your application, we may contact you for a brief and informal interview to evaluate your Arabic level and clarify your responses on the Application Form, if necessary. You will receive email confirmation once your application has been received. A second email will confirm your admission to the program and request payment. Only then should you finalize any travel arrangements. Subsequent emails may be sent to help match you with your host family in the village, or accommodate any special requests.

No application fee